Why I Love Building Things – Part 1: The Challenge

I’m starting a multi-post series that will dissect my passion for building and creating. Let’s start with the challenge.

People who know me well will tell you that I’ve got an affinity for seeking out tough and unusual tasks and obsessing over them until I complete them. I’ve always chosen the difficult path, especially when it involves having to do something yourself. There’s something inherently rewarding about doing something on your own. Model cars, Lego robotics, gaming PC’s, carpentry and woodworking (putting together IKEA furniture doesn’t scratch that itch anymore), growing my own vegetables, and now building web apps and businesses. This has been a consistent theme in my life and I feel like I’m just getting started.

But building stuff isn’t easy. It presents a wide variety of obstacles depending on the task at hand.  In a challenging environment, you not only have to develop new abilities, but you also have to reflect upon your past experiences and apply them to be successful. Difficult and uncomfortable situations force you to grow and bring out the best in you. It allows you to think, analyze, be creative, design, and dream. This is how innovation occurs.

Building something with your bare hands is an immense opportunity for learning and that’s why I’m drawn to it. To me, the chance to not only grow as an individual but to have a considerable impact on your environment is worth both the time invested and the opportunity costs accumulated by choosing this path. So, I embrace these challenges because I know that I’ll have grown as a person when I’m done, and maybe the world will have grown too.


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